• Sanken Setsubi Kogyo Co.,Ltd.

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  • Sanken Siam Co., Ltd.


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Founded in 23 rd March, 1946



ZEB certified

Tsukuba Mirai technology center in March, 2014



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ZEB planner

Certified on May, 2017


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ZEB ready certified

Hokkaido branch in October, 2018


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Founded in 13 th August, 2019

About us

Sanken Setsubi Kogyo Co., Ltd. was established in 1946 and became one of top leading provider of HVAC, commercial, residential and industrial plumbing. After several decades of experiences and credibility in Energy Efficient Building, Sanken has now expanded to Thailand as Sanken Siam Co., Ltd. We aspire to develop and integrate innovative environmental technology based on our HVAC and plumbing & sanitation with development to provide a comfortable and eco-friendly environment for customers and society.



13 th August, 2019



20 Million THB



20 persons



Sathorn square

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Why us?

In order to deliver exactly what our customers need when they need it, Sanken has an integrated service system to provide planning, design, construction, maintenance and renewal.

We work with office buildings, hospitals, high-rise condominiums, leisure facilities and cleanrooms, to flexibly meet each customer’s demand and society’s needs.


Sanken group also carries out basic research to advance our technology, so that we can deliver


what our customers need. At Tsukuba-Mirai Technology Center, we carry out advanced research and development in the following fields:

  • New plant technologies
  • Technologies for maintaining comfort in extreme environments
  • Effective utilization of natural resources and energy


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To be a leader with the finest and sophisticated engineering, business development and services for the construction business field.


To achieve customer recognition and stakeholder satisfaction by quality of work, performance with conservation, creativity and a passion to the goal.

Sanken group code of ethics

  • We observe laws and regulations both within and outside of the company, to follow social conventions, customs, and to always take sensible actions.
  • We maintain transparent relations with all business partners and conduct fair business practices.
  • As an “Environmental Innovation Company”, we consider local environment and the global environment as one of the most important problems of the industry and we attempt to minimize the impact with our every effort.
  • We continuously strive toward the best quality, comfort and safety of the building facilities that guarantee the highest levels of customer satisfaction.
  • We will continue to be a company whose employees and family can depend on, trust, inspire, share their dreams and fulfill their ambitions.
  • We strive for proper management of any information acquired on the job, and give top priority to privacy and personal information protection, and observe the utmost confidentiality in any of our business matters.
  • We strive to cooperate with local communities in each of our operations, through communication and by working together in order to have the minimal impact on everyday life.
  • We do not tolerate any antisocial behavior or groups that threaten the social order of any kind; we stand resolutely against any such individuals and associations.
  • We disclose all information immediately to our Compliance Committee upon any occurrence of issues that go against our Charter.
  • We also demand full accountability and solutions for any issues that may arise.
  • The duty as the Head of the Company is to maintain the professional level of service for which the company has become known, and to continue to uphold integrity in all business practices.
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