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Construction & MEP


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Design and Construction

Leading by the concept of energy efficiency from our design engineer, our construction team will suggest and implement eco-friendly solution during construction. 

We also define life cycle operating cost and initial cost in both equipment and construction. 

Our experienced employees will share their knowledge and techniques with you to deliverhigh quality service.



  • Master plan design
  • Architecture and interior design
  • Landscape design
  • M&E design and structural design

Environmental Engineering

  • Zero Energy Building (ZEB)
  • Radiant air conditioning
  • Underground water air conditioning
  • Sanken Smart BA system

Construction administration

  • Construction management
  • Quality control

Installation and maintenance

Various tests of the equipment and device are scheduled during construction, and this testing is followed by adjustment to optimize the performance of the system.

Our products are only delivered after test criteria are met and has completed standard specifications. To keep equipment in high performance operating condition, we also provide an effective after-sales service. 

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Heating, ventilation and air conditioning system (HVAC)

  1. Air conditioning system
    1. Comfortable air conditioning
    2. Indoor ventilation
    3. Contamination control
    4. Smoke extraction
  2. Medical facilities
    1. Medical gas system
    2. Operation room system
    3. Clean rooms
    4. Bio-clean rooms
    5. Biohazard facilities
  3. Industrial-used/Specialized air conditioning system
    1. Clean rooms
    2. Bio-clean rooms
    3. Biohazard facilities
    4. Constant temperature and humidity
    5. Refrigeration and cold storage
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Plumbing and Sanitary

  1. Water supply, drainage and sanitation systems
    1. Water supply
    2. Hot water supply
    3. Drainage and ventilation
    4. Plumbing fixtures
  2. Fire prevention systems
    1. Fire hydrants and sprinklers
  3. Water treatment systems
    1. Swimming pools
    2. Hot spring
    3. Water filtration
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Electrical systems

  • Electrical power system
  • Communication system
  • Fire alarm and CCTV system
  • Building automation system(BAS)
  • Networking system
  • Lighting and Sound system